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Posted on February 10, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

They spend more time describing things they don’t understand.
I’m such a clean hand stirring their filthy contraband.
I don’t sell wolf tickets. If I say it, I mean it.
They think they sully my name. I still don’t need to clean it.
Go ask a mountain dweller, “Why did he say to ask you?”
I said it so many times before. I harmonize Truth.
I didn’t ask for the game. I didn’t beg on my knees.
I didn’t sell my soul to anyone. Why start with new meat?
I’m not a player, but I know how to play.
Words are words. I have actions with louder things to say.
If I want it, I get it. But I control my appetite.
I ain’t like them others tasting everything in sight.
I got what they need. What are they offering me?
They play with a fire and can’t handle the steam.
Money? I have what money cannot buy.
I’m so damn straight no one would dare try.
They can’t pleasure themselves. How they think to pleasure me?
I’m in it for hours. They beg to let them sleep.
Fine. Get off. Why they still speaking.
If they haven’t an interesting thing to say, stop thinking.
I like painting, poetry, coffee, and music.
I like to read, write, and more. Why be so foolish?
They want me to chase. I want them to chase too.
Stalemate. Moving on. Let’s discuss what’s in today’s news.

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Problem solved. Problem gone.

Posted on February 8, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Me give you money for what? So you can look cute?
You’re cute. Now cut the fluff.
I ain’t interested in your gear. Just in your sense of touch.
Don’t worry. I can show you how to enjoy yourself as much.
You see this? Just kidding. Nothing to see.
Just kidding. You want to see? Better pay me.
Hahaha. Just kidding again. We can still be friends.
Benefits or not. Do you even know who I am?
Do you know where I’ve been? Do you know who I’ve bent?
Do you know why my bosses are pressured to make me content?
Guess again. Nope. Once again. Maybe close.
If you guessed that I know the human anatomy, here’s a rose…
Touch yourself with it. Feel its feathers.
Its wings. Its thorns. Its stem. I can already taste your leather.
You couldn’t touch yourself the way I could.
I’m make you so ferocious, you’d develop your own wood.
Seriously. I’ve massaged the lady’s wood with such finesse.
She thought I was God’s gift to the Universe in the form of flesh.
I could teach you the gift. But you’d have to control that breath.
Can you? Can you curb your speech? Can you keep secrets?
I have so many. But I don’t share in their weakness.
I can tease you more than you can tease me.
I know what I have and how to use it. So how can you please me?
Nevermind. You must be my student if you didn’t know.
We can dance in the night or in the public show. Who’s the first to go?
It doesn’t matter to me. Did you forget who you saw?
So many scars on my back, I can’t distinguish who’s claws.
You speak so sly. I’m an Ace of Allegory.
I read your desires without you even knowing.
You give me a sign. I send it back to the sender.
You think I would beg you for a Lucky Chance dinner?
I could touch you before it arrived and leave you with the bill.
You’d call me the next day hoping for a refill.
What do you want. I am without wants.
If I want it, I get it. Problem solved. Problem gone.
I’m not in the mood to see things. I want to be things.
I want to manifest the deepest desires you hide while you’re speaking.
I can kiss knees. I can kiss thighs and make rings.
I can kiss my way all over the map until jewels are revealing.
I can kiss places you never knew you had.
I can kiss my way across the laws of physics and bring you back.
So where are you at?

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Above Average Friend

Posted on February 1, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Skip the hook. Read a book.
Catch a mystery turn into a brand new outlook.
I’m such a good boy that they all think I’m a crook.
But I walk so damn straight, they wanna measure my foot.
They’d be better off to measure the print.
I’m leaving marks not stains when I’m cracking the flint.
Master my own magic stick with no second hand.
Minutes turn into hours. Surfing on clouds again.
Thought I was a King, but I’m merely a lowly 1.
Attaining my desires ain’t the only fun.
Mutual pleasure melts omnipresent in our glowing palms.
One plus one equals a window. Forget what they think we on.
I penetrate fears like hands in violation.
Clams biting my fingers like a surprise invitation.
Morning dew drowning the meadows with a variety of faces.
I make that magic music, so why would I need to chase it?
Melodies like angels dancing in water.
Like wet dreams wide awake. Isn’t it ironic?
Changing scales and still keep the harmonic.
Don’t rock the boat if you still trying to stay on it.
Coast to coast and beach to beach.
Whatever one needs is within my reach.
Stack it higher and better than any first could teach.
I don’t need the practice to manifest what I preach.
One’s whispers become mine.
Harmonized minds create harmonized tides.
Catch that glitter turn into the undefined.
Believe that my skills are very much refined.
Rewind every interaction the next time you’re relaxing.
I stay so true passersby pause to see the action.
Thought it was a sacrifice the way her breath gets erratic.
Ooops. Was that me? Depends on what was was and who’s asking.

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Touch me True and I will touch you The Same

Posted on January 12, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

It’s all there if you just take a look.
Ain’t no need for me to walk you through the books.
But if I did, I wouldn’t charge you debt.
I’d only ask you to stay true to what’s beneath your breast.
Don’t let your arts become a ring in a circus.
Cast pearls to the swine, but don’t cast them worthless.
Don’t lead the blind to sea with nothing to see.
Don’t teach the deaf to hear with nothing to repeat.
Give Faith to those taught to disbelieve.
Raise them upright and teach them to keep their strings clean.
What’s taboo for them and quite for me.
Raised by the Masters that transcend dreams.
I ain’t a master to mastermind schemes.
I’m more of a sail to catch the ocean breeze.
And if you ever heard me sneeze, you know what I mean.
That asymmetrical ain’t so asymmetrical with me.
I’m harmonized to Truth and so to every Thing.
Living and breathing. I recognize life most ain’t seen.
I recognize you and your frequencies.
I’m not a villain nor do I recognize you to be.

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20 Digits in a Flame

Posted on January 12, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

They say his life was like trying to polish sand.
He tried to change the world, but he didn’t understand.
The mysteries kept without his comprehend.
Until his speech changed from private studyment.
Now his slurs manipulate space and time.
As his choice words change pace and rhyme.
New stage in a new age to grace the line.
Few age so fine without rollin’ a fake die.
So young stealin’ so many a ride.
So many have tried make him fold but haven’t noticed him behind.
Never does he creep. Never is he sly.
Ask a straight question. Get a straight reply.
He’s a lover of the heart; not a lover of the thighs.
He’s a warrior for the peace; not a warrior for the prize.
Check the frequency and calibrate your mind.
If you haven’t noticed his then you haven’t noticed mine.
Harmonize with Love and Truth and be so Divine.
Reverse polarities of all intents to climb.
Descend into the darkness and discover streaks of light,
Beasts that fly and answers to all questions of Why.

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