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9th September 2012

Posted on September 25, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Savage like my maker. Rhymes are my container.
Fury writes with pure delight to cure me right.
The next sheet molested.
Ink from my erected pen with an infection waiting to violate the next one.
And guess what. I don’t do this in jest, son.
You the best one? Nah, you still lost on the question.
My originalitactics are only the tip of the facts, kid.
I’m hotter than Ice blocks of selenate acid.
Like a cancer of past tense. Angiogenesis action.
Sodium blocks lost in a glass of liquor and passion.
Slur while I breathe with venom and drip.
Don’t catch it and slip. Catch me gone in the mist.
Wrong game in the mix. Get slain like a min – e – on.
In a mill – e – on, you catch one that can feel me on
That upper level of mechanical linguistic pyrotechnics.
False affection for my nexus of rapid dialectics
Entertain me and so I’m obliged to return it with a vengeance.
Get at me. Don’t spit at me

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They Be Like

Posted on July 29, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 5

They be like, “Permission to enter?”
I be like, “Stay at the gate. Lest you violate your oaths and conflagrate.”
They be like, “Care to dance?”
I be like, “Y’aint ne’er seen the waves sway this way.”
They be like, “Is this kid for real?”
I be like, “Nam for fake. Y’aint ready to tread across this lake.”
They be like, “Ignorant and arrogant. Poor child.”
I be like, “You’re an avalanche, I’m just a snow flake.”

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Open Seasons

Posted on July 29, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 4

I work in secret. Secret lairs. Can you peep it?
Only masters understand certain phrases as I’m speakin’.
I work in public. You won’t ever catch me creepin’.
I am the light. I am the shadow. I am everything you’re thinkin’.

Catch a whiff of my breaf they say that is stinkin’.
They say that Truth hurts, but I ain’t hurtin’ when I breathe it.
Some hear a name and hit the streets quickly to preach it.
Their voices tire and tongues dry. They can’t believe it.

They sit and sink in deeper into the brittle cement.
They think they failed but only transition as they relent.
They’ll get another chance as they reflect upon they treasons.
Or transition into demons wandering the night sleepless.

Expedient students would learn well to take a recess.
Excess of Faith can send one into dark unwanted regions.
Don’t lose your heavenly masters to your worldly weakness.
Take a break and reflect upon the changes of the seasons.

I am the same in that I am not the same.
I am not the same in that I am the Same.
I am the collusion of calm. I am the wet of the flame.
I am the protrusion of all and the transition of planes.

I am the voice that echoes and dances in chains.
I am the free man that wears shackles in a cage.
I am the discovery of love within the discovery of shame.
I am the richest of all with no riches to claim.

Unaffiliated, I’m in debt to no gangs.
No spiritual advisors, I have no one to blame.
So many roads to trail, but they all lead to fame.
So I hang my head low and only whisper my name.

Alms for the bore, no space for loose change.
True hearts bear evermore treasures for all others to gain.
True seeds bear True fruit nurtured by True Faith.
Die Hard to the Root, steady Wax for the Wane.

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Winter Divine

Posted on July 28, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 4

rip it like im fluent in so many dimensions of fluid conceptions. maps with new directions.
to new erections of massive distinctions with features that leave true poets utterly speechless.
shadows that creep in with light travelers compete with stones. nomads with no homes.
no cash for no gold. old stash that’s grown mold. silverbacks on silver tracks with yellow fever choke holds.
shake a feather with tethered skin of tender hands. underground weathersmiths seek deliverance.
peaks of mountaintops with battered ships. chatter lips chapped by a winter’s grip. tongues licked by ice bricks.

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