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That kiss I can’t have

Posted on December 6, 2015 in Poetry - 0

i see you walk into the room and you light up my eyes
i can’t resist coming over your way to say hi
i’m at a loss for words but i don’t want to say bye
my head is gettin’ dizzy, and i don’t know why

i snap out of my daydream, i play clean
like being mesmerized by a lady ain’t me
but lately my mind has been more than hazy
my head is gettin’ dizzy, my blood is lazy

i can feel you on my skin like rain drops
slippin’ down the window, my brain stops
your lips intoxicating like, “wait. what?”
my head is gettin’ dizzy, “wake up!”

up to now, i’ve dodged every arrow that came fast
but you’re a heart ache that it seems i can’t pass
i know i fell too quick so i pace back
my head is still dizzy for that kiss i can’t have

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Solid Hug

Posted on April 21, 2015 in Poetry - 2

That solid hug. When two lights bond and meet chest to chest.
Not in misery nor in lust.
That solid embrace. When two frequencies harmonize and meet neck and neck.
Not a quick pat nor insincere.
Nothing can compare to that decompressing love of that true solid hug.

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