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Above Average Friend

Posted on February 1, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Skip the hook. Read a book.
Catch a mystery turn into a brand new outlook.
I’m such a good boy that they all think I’m a crook.
But I walk so damn straight, they wanna measure my foot.
They’d be better off to measure the print.
I’m leaving marks not stains when I’m cracking the flint.
Master my own magic stick with no second hand.
Minutes turn into hours. Surfing on clouds again.
Thought I was a King, but I’m merely a lowly 1.
Attaining my desires ain’t the only fun.
Mutual pleasure melts omnipresent in our glowing palms.
One plus one equals a window. Forget what they think we on.
I penetrate fears like hands in violation.
Clams biting my fingers like a surprise invitation.
Morning dew drowning the meadows with a variety of faces.
I make that magic music, so why would I need to chase it?
Melodies like angels dancing in water.
Like wet dreams wide awake. Isn’t it ironic?
Changing scales and still keep the harmonic.
Don’t rock the boat if you still trying to stay on it.
Coast to coast and beach to beach.
Whatever one needs is within my reach.
Stack it higher and better than any first could teach.
I don’t need the practice to manifest what I preach.
One’s whispers become mine.
Harmonized minds create harmonized tides.
Catch that glitter turn into the undefined.
Believe that my skills are very much refined.
Rewind every interaction the next time you’re relaxing.
I stay so true passersby pause to see the action.
Thought it was a sacrifice the way her breath gets erratic.
Ooops. Was that me? Depends on what was was and who’s asking.

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Touch me True and I will touch you The Same

Posted on January 12, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

It’s all there if you just take a look.
Ain’t no need for me to walk you through the books.
But if I did, I wouldn’t charge you debt.
I’d only ask you to stay true to what’s beneath your breast.
Don’t let your arts become a ring in a circus.
Cast pearls to the swine, but don’t cast them worthless.
Don’t lead the blind to sea with nothing to see.
Don’t teach the deaf to hear with nothing to repeat.
Give Faith to those taught to disbelieve.
Raise them upright and teach them to keep their strings clean.
What’s taboo for them and quite for me.
Raised by the Masters that transcend dreams.
I ain’t a master to mastermind schemes.
I’m more of a sail to catch the ocean breeze.
And if you ever heard me sneeze, you know what I mean.
That asymmetrical ain’t so asymmetrical with me.
I’m harmonized to Truth and so to every Thing.
Living and breathing. I recognize life most ain’t seen.
I recognize you and your frequencies.
I’m not a villain nor do I recognize you to be.

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20 Digits in a Flame

Posted on January 12, 2016 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

They say his life was like trying to polish sand.
He tried to change the world, but he didn’t understand.
The mysteries kept without his comprehend.
Until his speech changed from private studyment.
Now his slurs manipulate space and time.
As his choice words change pace and rhyme.
New stage in a new age to grace the line.
Few age so fine without rollin’ a fake die.
So young stealin’ so many a ride.
So many have tried make him fold but haven’t noticed him behind.
Never does he creep. Never is he sly.
Ask a straight question. Get a straight reply.
He’s a lover of the heart; not a lover of the thighs.
He’s a warrior for the peace; not a warrior for the prize.
Check the frequency and calibrate your mind.
If you haven’t noticed his then you haven’t noticed mine.
Harmonize with Love and Truth and be so Divine.
Reverse polarities of all intents to climb.
Descend into the darkness and discover streaks of light,
Beasts that fly and answers to all questions of Why.

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March 11, 2012

Posted on December 31, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Catch the keys in a coffin. Rock jargon under coughs when the traffic gets to stoppin’.
Pause with no loss of movement. Catch a glimpse of the proof in this wicked display of amusement.
Grime in my teeth. Dirty rhymes to reveal the mind’s eye. Sneak a peek but watch what you speak.
And watch what you eat. Controlled appetite brings enlightenment to peak. Check the yokes on the meek.
Keep the jokes in the street gutter. Flip the poles like teen mothers watching shows of each other.
Lick a wound with a hundred proof and a fitting tune. Charms over tea in the garden of Gity Joon.
Inside sentries in every room. Lecturers with wicker brooms sweeping the cellar twisted off a gypsy’s brew.
Dust and bright flashes. Lost in the fog of dry magic. Now ask me who’s axe is the baddest!

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F—-in with Truth

Posted on December 20, 2015 in Poetry - 0 comments - 0

Thought me a feline, then judged me a dog.
Didn’t notice that I walked on a carpet of fog.
Shockin’ them all by the way I’m clappin’ the jaw.
Shatter their conclusions with the strike of their own gavel’s force.
Don’t blame me, I’m not the one at fault.
I’m in line with the plates, so don’t blaspheme me, bruh.
Mad cause I’m still unhookin’ them bras.
Stay mischievously huntin’ them crooks in the bars.
I blast through facades like the blues in a farce.
Manipulated by sirens, they still tryin’ to look hard.
Find a new card. I’m an Ace in my suit. Fuck with me, ma!
Find your face fucked and emotionally scarred.
I’m rollin’ with stars. More ancient than wars. More ancient than yours.
If you fuckin’ with God then you know who we are.
Keep your eyes on your store. Lest you bleed like never before.
Check the memory format and bring it to form.
Ask too many questions and see a True Master’s door.
Don’t take it as a threat, It’s an invitation to more.
Initiation began the moment we were born.
Before the egg and the sperm met warm in the womb.
The storm in the room was a mathematical tune.

To be continued…?

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